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File: Battlefield Vietnam
Version: 0 URL:
Description: The "Huey" helicopter from Battlefield Vietnam. Complete with twin M-60's on the sides! It's really three separate models (body, rotor, & tail rotors) so you can make it a dynamic prop, but I've also included a quick advanced duplication that is relatively flyable!

If you spawn the flyable duplication, noclip into the RIGHT front seat. NO HOVERBALLS to worry about, so it flies sort of realistically. Here are the controls, but remember, they take a little practice to get used to:

Toggle Blades: *
Nose Down: 8
Nose Up: 5
Yaw Right/Left: 4 & 6
Tip Right/Left: 7 & 9

Holding 0 is like pulling up on the collective, the longer you hold the higher it flies. "Let go" or hit . to lose altitude.

All you need is advanced duplicator, and that's just to spawn the flyable version.

I've included everything else you need, so no searching for other downloads! :)

-Ported by Vipersnake
-Advdup by Scharpyx

Image: Battlefield