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File: NOKIAMAN'S pill pack adminonly
Version: 0 URL:
Description: This is NOKIAM'S pill pack, i did not make these, i only made them admin only so people wouldn't keep on dm-ing if you don't want them too, cause iknow, its annoying, so thats why i made them for admins only :D and made the vortigan and headcrab have a crosshair.

credit goes for this one:
i left the combine soldier and the hl1 zombie and the zombie torso cause they wouldn't really be harmful

theres something wrong with the zip, ignore everything exept pills and pill icons,
put those 2 folders in the addon folder.

and also for the bad quality pic, those should be better if you have your video settings set ok.

oh and it seems, the fast zombie pill doesn't work, but thats probably a error from the original.

UPDATE: WOW 10K Downloads! THANKS!!!

UPDATE2: If you really happen to be that dumb, this goes in your addons. I also mentioned it up there so don't whine about not knowing where to put em. D: