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File: NPC
Version: 0 URL:
Description: With this stool you can rope different kinds of npcs to objects, and have them drag it around the map for you.

Its my first stool, and i know its pretty useless :)

Extract to garrysmod addon directory

First, with rightclick set a destination, then with leftclick rope a npc to a object.

- Works best on gm_construct, or a css map (it works best if there is a .nav file for the map so the npc knows where and how far it can go)
- Works best in singleplayer (in multiplayer some npcs stay hostile)

- In multiplayer the relationship fix for hostile npc's works only when sv_cheats = 1, else it will only work for the admin
- Cant give a npc a new target after its been created

you can uncomment line 261-265 to get a helicopter in the list, though it doesnt lift the weight of any prop, it does fly to destination :P

Image: NPC