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File: Team Fortress 2 boxing ring.
Version: 0 URL:
Description: Hey, thanks for download. This map is made by me, Jo-Barf Creepy. Read the readme if you wan't to know a few more details. The map is small..otherwise you find the secret. There were supposed to be boxing gloves on the wall, but after a few weeks, they were gone.
Have fun. Extract it to your Maps folder.

Requires TF2 ...

To add a bot, simply type in console: Tf_bot_add. Works best for koth_ maps, you know.


Btw, there is another bug. In the Sky-Fight room there was supposed to be a sandwich in the top...

And my Source SDK is annoying at this times. I was making HLDMS story, and it sometimes removes my map or won't load it.

Leave a comment please.

(To FreedomFighter: Yea, but it were out of ideas. And have you spotted all 4 secrets?)

Image: Team