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File: Simple Weapon Restriction 1.1
Version: 0 URL:
Description: Installation
To install, extract to garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/autorun/

Console Variables
This offers a few simple cvars to configure the script:

wr_enabled (default 1)
Enables or disables the weapon restricter, 1 to enable

wr_sandboxonly (default 1)
Makes it so the settings on take effect on the sandbox gamemode, set to 0 to make it work with all gamemodes

wr_mode (default 0)
Set this to 0 to use a white, 1 for a black list, the black/white list is defined by wr_weapons

wr_disablepickup (default 1)
Disable players from picking up weapons on the floor, so they can't kill npcs with props and then steal the weapons

wr_weapons (default weapon_physgun;weapon_physcannon;gmod_tool;gmod_camera)
The list of weapons allowed/disallowed (see wr_mode), seperated by semi-colon (;)

wr_ignoreusergroups (default superadmin;admin)
Usergroups not affected by the script


*Notification popups for blocked weapons
*Removed listen server host fake usergroup, it wasn't needed!

Image: Simple