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File: razor`s shooting targets V1,2
Version: 0 URL:
Description: This targets are inspired by a shooting discipline where u have 6 shots to shoot 5 steel plates in shortest time u can.
15 Meters are arround 590 inch. this range is for shotguns
25 Meters are arround 984 inch. this range is for pistols SMGs and rifles. (in gmod the spread of most pistols make it hard to hit the targets)

Install Instructions:

Put the folder "shooting targets" into:
...\Steam\steamapps\ \garrysmod\garrysmod\data\adv_duplicator\
Ignore the file: "unless map" it was just to make the upload possible.


Advanced Duplicator
Nothing more

Use Instructions:

-spawn it with your adv dupe (u should have a bright background).
-use the "Release" Button until the winches sag.
-shoot the targets.
-push "Pull up" untill they are back in position.

Image: razor`s