2012 Something Is Going On DEBUNKED / EXPLAINED

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    2012 Something Is Going On DEBUNKED / EXPLAINED
    length: 22 minutes
    genre: Documentary
    Subject of this upload:

    I have seen many of these ignorant, fear mongering, 2012 doomsdays films from religious NWO brainwashed nut-cases about how "the world is coming to an end" so today I will show you one of these "you are powerless, just lay down and die; it is the will of god" videos, but first I will give you some information, that I want you to keep in mind while watching this fascist propaganda.
    The entire world has been ruled for thousands of years by private, royal families behind the ancient sun cults and they follow the cycles of the sun in order to keep control of this entire planet earth.
    Back in the ancient world they would use their knowledge about e.g. the eclipse to spread fear and terror among the population and demand people to sacrifice their children on the so-called bone-fire or bonfire as they are known today in order for them to please the gods and bring back the sun.
    These private, royal, inbreed psychopathic families follow a 2000+ year's cycle of the sun, and at the end of each cycle they will kill basically the entire world's population with military force in order for them to bring in "the new age" or "the new world order" that is NOT new, but just the beginning of their new sun cult cycle of death and destruction, a new start for their global Gaia religion by resetting this planet and finally announce A NEW YEAR ZERO once again.
    This has been going on for thousands if not hundred of thousands of years, and as long as people do not know their own history, we are all doomed to repeat it.
    Before I show you the clip I have picked to illustrate how sick these people are, please let me explain what is REALLY going on in this video:
    1) ALL the nasty weather, animal deaths, weird sounds and visual effects from the atmosphere you will see is created 100% documented, on the record, mainstream knowledge by HAARP - If you do not know about this, please do a google search to find out more.
    2) ALL the solar activity is nothing new, but just a part of the suns 2000+ years cycle where the sun cults / these royal families make the world population dependent on electricity and technology, that will be destroyed by these solar flares and create mass panic and death all over the world under their "ordo ab chao" doctrine.
    If you think what I just told you sounds too far fetched then, please begin to do your OWN study, your OWN research, I dare you, because I can guarantee you that when you are done you will be coming to the exact same conclusion as I just told you.
    But again: Here is the video, mainly with TV "news" clips where all the information is owned by the private, royal Rothschild family for global military propaganda purposes only - But if you will just remember what I just told you while watching, you WILL be able to see and understand the truth for yourself.
    YouTube version here:

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