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I've downloaded ******** 2007, and tried to load Steam, it says "Platform error: bad module 'bin/friendsUI.dll', not loading", can anyone help?

P.S. if i am posting about the wrong thing please delete this thread immediately!:D:D:D
Update Steam before runing the crack and search for a Steam.cfg file and see if it have "BootStrapeInhabilital = enable" and delete the file or change enable for disable, then update Steam put enable again and run it.

In any case dont use this crack, use another how UndeadPath, DynPatch or others, the crack that you are using is only shit.
I think yes, he is talking about a Cracked Steam and i dont know another name of crack censured so this may be pacshit
If im wrong then ill quit the "the crack that you are using is only shit" part.