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Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by Befragen, February 20, 2008.

  1. Befragen

    Befragen New Member

    Could anybody offer me a bit of starting help? I don't really know what's going on. How do you play the free games? I know you need a GCF but the only GCF's I know of are greatest common factors. I especially am interested in Audiosurf if anyone knows a quick way to snag that. I also have Free Steam V1.63 but don't exactly know what to do with it. Thanks in advance.
  2. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    Well, you realize you would not be able to play online without cafes (which would cost $$$).
    Otherwise, you need to get a crack/game launcher, and the GCF to go with.

    GCF = Game files that Steam uses. There is more to it than that, but essentially a GCF is a big pack of files that are used to compact them.

    Then with the GCF, you can launch the game(s) you downloaded.
  3. Befragen

    Befragen New Member

    What do you recommend as a crack/game launcher?
  4. kakosoe

    kakosoe Stealing is not a crime

    maybe p3ng3ls launcher?
  5. Befragen

    Befragen New Member

    So, would something like ******** be good? It says its d/ling one with "all games" or something.

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