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Stealing is not a crime
My account got stolen how can i get it back i mean i know how but what should i say to valve. I said them my acc got stolen i gave them scan of a cd key on it and my acc name and reported the case but cs 16 on it was banned and they say some in the instructions that if account is banned they wont be able to reverse ban and u have to be careful of ur acc and blah blah so am i still getting it back??:S
Nope you can't reverse the Vac ban, How did they scam your account, Did you give anyone your username or password, or Have you been downloading shit you shouldn't have.
maybe shit i dont want to reverse the ban its ok i have cs twice i just want it for css which is not banned. i mean it means i can get my acc back but its not gonna be reversed this is ok i just need it cz i have source on it. So ill get it back i send mail but they didnt answer after 17 hrs somewhere there i know its kinda slow.
Tell me if im wrong but.. you say that in your account you have a "cs1.6 banned" and "css" but the account has been stolen and you want recover the account for the CSS because is not banned right?.

Edited: nothing, i was wrong.

Anyway wait a little more for the answer of valve, they need more than 17 hours.
It's by engine isn't it? Meaning if cs 1.6 is banned it's only hl1 games. Yes, you will get your account back. No, you won't be able to reverse the ban.
Yeh I'm with rushil01, I believe that the hl1 engine is run on VAC well as the hl2 engine runs on VAC 2 hence, he'll probably still be able to play counterstrike source fine :)

So the point is guyz i got my acc back which had admin status on a server. So im happy and to all ppl that want to hack accounts i say 1 thing theres no way ull get it and always u can get it back by giving cd key scan to valve and they reset ur pass. So topic close pls
so you got back your account ??? wow good my steam account was hack also......... thanks to a key gen that my friend ask me to download.... i have sent my report to steam and cd key picture now i am waiting for their response wish ME LUCK !!
good luck but anwz my account was so precious since it has admin access on 2 servoz and im rank 1 in some servers lol. And its pitty some 1 stealing the account of UNREAL THE ONE AND ONLY!
Topic Closed, Hacking Accounts isn't like that. its called phishing. hes not getin your account back. send a copy of your cd-key from the case to valve and they will get your account back. if not good day.
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