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    Update Notes 18th January 2013
    Build 2089

    • Further fixes for crashes that occur during gameplay and loading screens
    • A fix for incompatibility with AVG has been added.
    • Improvements to how the game now handles destruction of large objects
    • Fixed a crash related toclicking the Ranked Match button on the main menu

    • When Zombies are killed they no longer spawn where they die
    • Some improvements to map specific spawn points
    • The player can no longer move faster by jumping or falling when carrying game mode objectives
    • Improvements to placement of individual blocks
    • Further improvements to Constructs to prevent players from becoming trapped
    • Sniper Rifle fix for accuracy at distance
    • Land Mines can now be destroyed by direct weapon fire

    • Following requests from the community the reticule now adds a visual indication when you hit someone (turns red briefly)
    • Additional graphics settings have been added to the settings menu
    • Some improvements to ATI graphics card compatibility
    • On the choose match screen the correct minimap is now shown for Double Dragon

    User Interface
    • Minor improvements to menu screens

    Language Specific

    • Improvements to text in menus

    • Improvements to text in menus

    • Improvements to text in menus

    • Improvements to text in menus

    • Improvements to text in menus

    • Improvements to text in menus

    Update Notes 11th January 2013
    Build 2055

    • Reduced lag

    • Destroying large structures no longer crashes the game
    • Significant number of fixes to crashes occurring in game, and during loading
    • Resolved desync between client and server, which in turn has fixed multiple other gameplay issues

    • Improvement to the range of the Snow Blower
    • Increase to the range of the Sniper Rifle
    • Decreased RPG's damage to players and landscape
    • Decreased RPG's knockback on players
    • Increased RPG's splash damage
    • Landmines now explode when buried
    • General minor balancing for the Shotgun
    • Rocket Turret's countdown timer is no longer visible beyond approximately a 20 block radius
    • Timers for Dynamite & Rocket Turrets are no longer visible to the opposite team
    • Players can no longer be trapped inside blocks placed by other players
    • Synchronised hit splash effect and audio feedback when successfully shooting players
    • Unintentional voice chat function has been disabled
    • Choosing 'Quick Match' or 'Ranked Match' now provides a searching message to reassure players that the mode is loading

    • Graphical optimisation to Flare Block lighting
    • In game text improved
    • Shader based performance improvements

    Translated Versions
    • Addition of Polish, Mexican Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Brazilian and Portuguese translated versions.

    Update Notes 21st December 2012
    Build 1975

    Winter Content Pack

    A stack of FREE content is up for grabs in our brand new Winter pack update - the debut of the classic Capture the Intel game mode, a brand new weapon, the Snow Cannon and 4 new maps, including Heisville, the hugely popular World War 2 map from 0.75, created by the Ace of Spades map-making competition winner, SIMOX, which was voted for by the Ace of Spades community.
    • New Map: Castle Wars – inspired by RuneScape’s minigame namesake.
    • New Map: Heisville – World War 2 mayhem created and chosen by the community.
    • New Map: Block Ness – a lake, a frozen monster, a host of possible tactics.
    • New Map: Arctic Base – unleash a Cold War, literally.
    • New Map: Double Dragon – because one dragon just isn’t enough.
    • New Game Mode: Capture the Intel –CTF Ace of Spades style
    • New Weapon: Snow Cannon – A winter themed weapon that fires snow blocks.


    Fixes, Tweaks, and Additions

    • Addition of Australian servers

    • Crashes due to running the game in translated versions have been fixed.
    • Crashes relating to spectator mode have been fixed.

    • The Rocket Launcher has received some balancing tweaks.
    • The Jetpack has received additional balancing.
    • The SMG has been rebalanced.
    • The Shotgun has been rebalanced.
    • The Sniper Rifle’s scope now has improved zoom.
    • The Sniper Rifle has been tweaked to reintroduce recoil.
    • The Pistol now has a reticule in and out of aim.
    • Fix for Grenade damage.
    • Ammo amount for the Drill Gun and Dynamite has been tweaked.
    • Melee damage is more consistent.
    • Knockback from explosions has been tweaked.
    • Land Mine has received some balancing tweaks.
    • The Rocketeer’s walk speed has received a slight increase.

    • New Gravestone model introduced

    Update Notes 19th December 2012
    Build 1881

    Here are the latest build notes...

    • Zombie mode servers no longer result in a blue or grey screen on joining
    • Zombie Mode no longer results in the game crashing during the loading screen.
    • Various mid game crashes have been resolved.
    • Crashes whilst choosing class have been resolved.
    • Various game loading crashes have been resolved.
    • Various map change crashes have been resolved.
    • Temporary fix for crashes caused by special characters in Steam names.

    • Additional tweaks to Jetpack balancing.
    • Crates can no longer be completely hidden by placing blocks inside them.
    • Additional balancing to death and gravestone explosion damage.
    • Respawn timer extended to allow for class change without a point penalty
    • Balancing to the number of blocks a player spawns with.
    • Balancing to character movement speeds
    • Increased aim speed for Rocketeer’s turret.
    • Balancing world block health and prefab block health
    • Soldier body health is slightly lower
    • Engineer non-jetpack jump height is lower
    • Dynamite has had multiple balancing changes
    • Super spade has received multiple balancing changes
    • Rocket Launcher has received multiple balancing changes
    • Sniper rifle damage increased, ammo increased and recoil removed

    User Interface
    • Improvements to the server select page to help players better identify servers, and choose the server that will provide the best performance for their location.
    • Various text corrections.
    • Various fixes to font sizes.
    • Improvements to control settings menu.

    • Colour of the sea is no longer changed by crouching.
    • Diamond carrier’s view is no longer obstructed by diamond icon.
    • Graphical fix to game loading screen when maximising window.
    • Game resolution is no longer reset after reloading the game.

    • Taskbar icon now matches the client icon.
    • Improved detection for achievement awards.

    Language Specific

    • Various translation fixes for achievements, menus & in game text.

    • Various translation fixes for achievements, menus & in game text.

    • Various translation fixes for menu & in game text.

    • Various translation fixes for menu & in game text.

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