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    Build 3067

    Content Update

    Main Menu:
    • Added a new Main Menu layout
    • Added new menus: Ranked Match (new design), Custom Match, Player Profile, Tutorial, Achievements, Leaderboard, Credits
    • Removed Quick Match, Choose Match options

    Score System:
    • Leaderboard (platform icon): shows Global, Local and Friends stats, divided into different game modes and general
    • Player Profile : shows personal stats and ranks, Game Modes - Classes - Equipment stats
    • Players personal match score is shown on the HUD in a game
    • Updated end of game score screens with awards and scores

    Ranked Match:
    • Now you can play predefined game modes that track your rank and scores

    Custom Match:
    • Now you are able to set up your own game rules / settings
    • You are able to chat while in a custom lobby
    • You are able to join your Steam friends matches
    • Host can create teams (options: neutral, blue, green)
    • Match Settings:
    o Privacy (Invite, Friends, Open)
    o Mode (all game modes)
    o Max Players (2-24)
    o Match Length (5-90)
    o Map (Standard, Classic, Mafia)
    o Game Rules (Enable/Disable Classes, Enable/Disable Weapons, Changing Game Rules, Changing General Game Features)

    Fixes & Tweaks

    • New Loading screens that shows maps, modes and scores
    • General HUD refinement
    • Occupation Mode: added smoke animation onto bomb

    • Edited the Rocketeer into an Engineer class
    • Changes health amounts for each class
    • Commando: Moved both RPGs under the Secondary Weapons, Removed Pistol and Block Cannon and added new Prefabs
    • Marksman: Removed Block Cannon, added new prefabs, Sniper Rifle renamed as Bolt-Action Rifle, Rifle renamed as Semi-Auto Rifle, Increased Landmine max number to 5
    • Engineer: Removed Spade and Block Cannon, added Engineer Jetpack, new prefabs
    • Miner: Removed Block Cannon, new prefabs

    • Snowblower: removed Christmas design, renamed as Block Cannon
    • Knife: faster movement
    • Added Classic SMG, Classic Shotgun for Classic CTF selection
    • Votekick:
    o Players are able to kick other players by pressing ‘K’
    • Gameplay:
    o Removed the limit on the length of block lines
    o Occupation Mode is now score based - 50 points to win the match
    o Default match length for Classic is now 90 minutes long
    • Sounds:
    o Added diamond disappear sound
    o New sound when hitting water with melee weapons
    • Bugs:
    o We have made a whole host of bug fixes, and hope that you have a better gaming experience.

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