addicting test


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I answered yes to 20 of 43 questions. I am 47% addicted to Counterstrike.
There has been 6772 person(s) as addicted as myself.
bahaha, i thought i liked it more then that :confused:, oh well some of those questions where messed up, "Do you have CounterStrike related dreams? Have you more then once?" lmao


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I am 56% addicted to Counterstrike. <a href="" target="_blank">What about you?</a>

rofl. last time i checked i was 41 % :)


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You answered yes to 36 of 43 questions.

You are 84% addicted to Counterstrike.
There has been 4333 person(s) as addicted as you.

Lol it 0wnz

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