Adding stuff to G-mod NEED HELP!


FS Member
I am having trouble loading on a lot of sweps for gmod 10. can some one please tell me the basic way how to add them. Example, i downloaded a swep and when you unzip it it has a folder called "physglove(thenameoftheweapon)" and inside it is 2 folders (materials and models) and a info.txt. Do i just put the folder called phys glove in
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\accountname\garrysmod\garrysmod
Or do i have to do something else?
I also am having trouble adding extra npcs and raggdols. If anyone can please tell me how to do all this i would be realy thankful.
Any SWEPS with the info.txt go in the garrysmod --> garrysmod --> addons folder, then go into weapons when you're in-game and it should be there, altohugh i think physgloves are a different model for your physgun/cannon, if so put them in you garrysmod --> garrysmod folder

Hope that helps!