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    Updates to AI Wars have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    • Major new Border Aggression behavior for the AI.
    • Four new Heavy Beam Cannons (Mark I
    • IV).
    • Performance improvements for the largest battles, game loading, and more.
    • Focus fire control node options added, along with other various new control nodes.
    • Many various improvements to ship autofire targeting in general.
    • Many significantly rebalanced units, including MLRS, Anti
    • Armor, Transports, Sentinel Frigates, Scout Starships, all melee ships, mines, all Golems. Many of these units are like all
    • new (and much more useful) ships.
    • ClearType text is now used, resulting in vastly more attractive fonts.
    • New AI modifiers for optional less
    • Tower
    • Defense
    • inspired gameplay for advanced players: No Wave Warnings, Cross Planet Waves
    • New AI Plots feature for more exciting endgames: the first one, Avenger, is now available and more will come in the coming months.
    • New lobby options for starting with a largely invisible galaxy which is only revealed as exploration is undertaken (normally you can see all the planets and their connections, just not any details whatsoever about the planets).Other balance tweaks, interface tweaks, and bugfixes.

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