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    AirMech Version 15008.0 January 28th, 2013

    We're introducing a new feature with this patch--Salvage! Now you can clean up that mess left after a battle and profit from it at the same time. Any units or AirMechs with a repair ability can also use it to Salvage destroyed units for Credits ingame. It's still a bit buggy, and a work in progress, but we're interested to see how this adds to options during gameplay. Do I spend time cleaning up this area for extra income, or press the battle against the enemy? As time is your most valuable resource in AirMech, it opens up interesting choices for the player. Feedback in the forums is welcome!

    Faction Charters! They are working now, but be aware that the Faction Charter is consumed when you create the Faction! We do not want a million Factions, and do not want people renaming them. Think very carefully before you create it, because it costs 1000 Diamonds every time you create one. This price is designed so that people only create Factions when they are serious. Don't have the Diamonds? Chances are someone who you want to start the Faction with does, just ask nicely.

    - New AirMech Variant: Steampunk Saucer
    - New Hat Flair: Football Helmet
    - New Quests: Power Play
    - Faction Creation interface implemented
    - Increased the range in which healing units willing prioritize disabling an active ‘Bear Trap’ by.
    - Increased the amount of quests that award diamonds.
    - Re-added the ‘Help’ button to the pause menu.
    - Made some modifications to secure/capture outpost order regarding how units attack outposts they are securing
    - Added Salvage System. Destroyed units can be reclaimed by healing units and Osprey.
    - Network error messages should now appropriately be translated to their respective languages.
    - Added a ‘Waiting’ timer to the matchmaking lobby.
    - New badges added for people with gold/silver VIP status.

    Balance changes:
    - Fixes to overly high Grinder damage. Grinder base melee DPS is now 210.
    - Grinder can now be impacted by the ‘Stasis’ effect, reducing damage by half. Normally this effect only applies reduced attack speed, but due to how the Grinder functions it made more sense to work towards damage instead of attack speed to achieve a similar result.
    - Grinder will no longer damage stasis mines/bear traps.
    - Modification of neutral units on Duel and Nesthorn
    - make map neutral units not abductable
    - add a short radar ‘unjam’ range on all AirMechs

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed a bug with the ‘Tomcat’ Striker variant preview displaying detached wings.
    - Cleaned up text display at lower resolutions.
    - Fixed the explosion effect on the creeper detonate animation.
    - Fixed the alignment of the version number display in game that was trailing off the right side of the screen.
    - Hats should now fit correctly on all Warthog variants.
    - Fixes to CPU lag detection (previously referred to as FPS lag)
    - Bug fix for spectators sometimes stuck in game at the end of a match
    - Bug fix to Saucer’s increased abduction rate on ability level up (wasn’t working)

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