Aliens vs Predator Update Released

Updates to Aliens vs Predator have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

New Features
  • Enabled XP gain, leaderboard updates and associated achievements and skin unlocks for non-ranked games as well as Ranked Matches. Now the differences between ranked and unranked games is that in Ranked Matches, skill-based matchmaking, team balancing and other Ranked Match associated rules are enforced and in Player matches they are not. You are now unable to have a game that does not update the leaderboards, or award XP.Major overhaul of low-level networking code for player-hosted (i.e. not Dedicated Server) games in order to improve connection stability and pings.
Bug Fixes
  • Prevented runaway memory consumption under D3D11 if an FMV is playing when you lock (ctrl-alt-del - "lock computer") your machine with an NVIDIA card.
  • Several "groups" issues have been fixed, including a reported issue with Group leaders causing group members to disconnect from Games if they leave and then join another Server.
  • The spawning system has been tweaked, so that players will have a reduced chance of spawning very close to other (enemy) players.
  • Server start up crash which occurred on Win 7 32bit Home Premium has been fixed.Several Server stability (crash) issues have been fixed
Balance Changes
  • Flamethrower primary fire now ignites target if 25% of health has been depleted. Flames will now continue to burn until target is dead, or target extinguishes flames. Base damage is unchanged.
  • Alien leap attack now causes the knockdown flinch on all targets from the "long distance" range. Damage is unchanged.
  • Alien tail attack now causes the light attack flinch, which does not "root" the target. Damage is unchanged.
  • You are now not able to jump and start a melee move in the air/until the jump has completed, or initiate a melee move and then jump until the melee animation has finished. Affects all species.
  • Stealth attack has had some tweaks to reduce the potential for an initiation to occur from outside the allowed "angle" and range has been reduced from 8m to 6m
  • The Predator flinch ranges have been equalised with the Aliens, and as a result can now be knocked down by a counter (from any species), or an Alien leap attack that successfully lands.
  • Knockdown leap distance is now between 9-12m instead of 6-12m. Affects Aliens and Predators.
  • Predator maximum leap distance is now capped at 12m (in line with Alien) and is not modified by vision mode.The Marine block will now only block 50% of an incoming light attack damage value instead of 100%.