All Good Steam Cracks/Patchers + MAC crack included!!


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Steam Cracks/Patchers:

GreenLuma 2.0.5


GreenLuma Features:
Show all games/tools in steam
Filter ValveTestApps
Can show ValveTestApps in the game list (GreenLuma.ini)
Can show installed applications only (GreenLuma.ini)
Download Trackmania Nations Forever (GreenLuma.ini)
Steam2 and Steam3 Subscriptions are patched
Can be used to host cracked servers
Disabled Steam Minidump Creation
Serverbrowser in Left 4 Dead
Multiwinia start in "Accepted" mode
No CD-Key needed to play Doom3
Force Offline Mode (GreenLuma.ini)
Failed to contact key server is removed
ATI and Nvidia offer patch (GreenLuma.ini)
Replace email address (GreenLuma.ini)
Play free games online such as Synergy
Play games with custom protection such as Race
Bypass the PurchaseCountry check (GreenLuma.ini)
Replaced the "sponsor" picture
A log file is created, please post it if you are having any problems
Launch outdated games (NCF games) (GreenLuma.ini)
Low Violence patch
DLC Patch (GreenLuma.ini)
CEG Memory Patcher
Disabled news messages when starting Steam including marketing messages
Supports the "-clientapp" parameter
Disable MinimumFootprintFilesRefresh (GreenLuma.ini)
Able to create lobbies so other people can join by IP.
Source Engine Focus Patch
Steam.dll Emulator (GreenLuma.ini)
Patching SteamUI.dll Error Messages (GreenLuma.ini)
Achievement and Stats Patch
Garry's mod is patched
TF2 Loadout with GameCoordinator emulator
Download half-life engine.gcf (GreenLuma.ini)
Able to patch dedicated servers with LumaServerPatcher.exe (HLDS.exe and SRCDS.exe)

LumaServerPatcher Info:
This is meant to be used with dedicated servers you download with HldsUpdateTool, Patch HLDS.exe or SRCDS.exe and move GreenLuma.dll to the same folder.

If the patcher doesn't work install this:


BlueLuma MAC 1.0

BlueLuma Features:
Show all games/tools in steam
Filter ValveTestApps
Steam2 and Steam3 Subscriptions are patched
Disabled Steam Minidump Creation
ATI and Nvidia offer patch
DLC Patch

Copy steam.cfg to "Applications/" and libsteam.dylib to "Applications/ and piston.tga to "Applications/".

BlueLuma Change Log:

Version 1.0
First release



Steam Emulators:

UCL 2.0 Alpha 6 (Stable)

Universal Content Launcher is a steam launcher. You can run almost any steam game without Steam.

Compered to previous version 1.2 these things are new:
-Icons are loaded directly from winui.gcf
----update. After Steam 2010 update there are no more icons i winui.gcf
-Support for the latest revemu
-Support for more games and gcf mods
-Full Junction Point Protection
-One instance system
-Translations with xml file
-Performance Optimizations
More features are planned for v2.0 Final


Steam Extra Tools/Fixes


The purpose of CF Toolbox is to provide you with the needed tools for managing and keeping your Steam Cache Files (GCF/NCF files) up to date when you are not able to install the Steam client in your environment.

Please read the included documentation for important security warnings and information

Thanks :
I would like to thank everyone who helped me on this project, by giving me technical information, suggestions and features ideas, beta testing the tool, providing me with accounts, spending hours sharing files and debugging with me so i could test and fix issues :
.cue, Baine, bleh, d4op, Da_FileServer, Datrix, Diviton, dormine, drsealion, erix920, fragtion, g3cka, GX6688, Kajanis, Krzywy, p3ng3l, PJG, random46, RessourectoR, rz950, sar3th, SASiO, Shaman, shmelle, SpinX, theSpam. I hope i haven't forgot someone ...

CF Toolbox would not be what it is without your help !


Garry's Mod Client Patch

This will allow you to play Garry's Mod with cracked steam.

Installation (Windows):
1. Update Garry's Mod with Steam/GreenLuma.
2. Replace the patched tier0.dll in steamapps/username/garrysmod/bin.
3. Start Steam with any steam patch you like and play.

Installation (Mac):
1. Update Garry's Mod with Steam/BlueLuma.
2. Replace the patched libtier0.dylib in Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/Username/Garrysmod/bin.
3. Start.


Phoenix toolkit 1.5 beta 5 [20 APR 2011]

Phoenix is a Steam content manager that has special functions for working with (Gold-) Source modifications and games. Moreover, it has its own scripting engine to prepare games in the way you want and it also can update GCF and NCF files.

With some handy additions it works similar to UCL, CF Toolbox and GCFPrep.

  • Works with all Source and GoldSource games and modifications.
  • Has a special technology of preparing GCF content (based on Vit_amiN's works and ideas) and (since 1.4 beta 2) you can make your own way how to process the game and what to unpack!
  • Offers you an ability to set video and audio options for (Gold-)Source games without launching
  • There's an option to instantly launch either map or save for a selected mod.
  • Has an ability to unpack and create GCF-files from SID (so called "SID2GCF").
  • Many other useful features thanks to plugins support (Delphi and C++ headers are available).
  • (1.4 beta 2) Scripts-based customization of some processes.
  • Skin support (thanks to SkinCrafter Library). Download it @ Update Centre


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Hmmm . . . . the link for CFtoolbox was removed it says file was deleted, i think you need to re-upload.


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