All ways end up in rome


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It has been a long time, since I was here at freesteam ^^
Feels good to be back.
some things about me

Name: ReDruM=MurDeR
Age: 21
Sex: male
Knowledge of Steam: a lil bit
Things I like: gettin stuff without payin for, gfx, gamin
Things I hate: Dishonour under steam, warez, hacking and cracking ppl
Music: Metal and other hard stuff
Exp: MOD in about 5 boards, Admin in 2 boards, upper and scanner for an FXP crew, little gfx knowledge

I hope the community hasn't changed too much since the old day's weher cafe accounts where used like cracked accounts ^^ (good ol' days)

Also I got some questions:

1. Where can I donate for VIP? Haven't found anything.

2. Is Freesteamcafe still existing? Or is it useless by now?

3. Whats the perfect Steam setup atm? I know about the GCF's, NCF's, but I dunno which client is best, which crack serves the biggest benefit. Just need a little help.

4. Is it normal thet the board always shows me the link that I have to register to see everything, even when I'm logged in? Or is it because I'm no VIP?

I hope we'll get along