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    Updates to Altitude have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    Added "Ace" System:

    • Upon reaching level 60, players can click a button under Hangar Deck -> Stats to become an Ace.
    • When you become an Ace you will start over at level 1 with unlocks and challenges reset.
    • There are no gameplay advantages to becoming an Ace.
    • You will receive a new badge and the first 5 Ace ranks will each unlock an extra slot on the plane selection screen.
    • The max Ace rank is 10.
    • Aces can only gain XP in multiplayer games: single player skirmishes and bot kills don't generate XP Ace XP gain is slower on high player count servers to discourage XP farming: with 10 or fewer players aces gain experience at 140% the pre-patch rate; at 14 players experience accumulates at the normal rate; beyond 14 players experience accumulates slower in proportion to the excess player count (e.g. 20 players -> 14/20 = 70% normal XP gain)

    Ball Mode Improvements:

    • Added "Ball Camera" spectate option: press C to toggle between Free/Chase/Ball spectate modes
    • Added goal assist tracking
    • Added "time of possesssion" to end of round award screen
    • Added visual trail effect to ball
    • Increased Biplane's ball shot speed (16.5 -> 17.2)
    • Increased Miranda's ball shot speed (16.8 -> 17) Decreased Loopy's speed while carrying the ball (79% -> 78%)
    New Maps:

    • Added ball_planepark and tbd_planepark (thanks Mandrad)
    • Added tbd_nuclear (thanks Hartz)
    • Added tbd_focus (thanks Esoteric) Updated ball_cave, ball_core, ball_football, ball_grotto, ball_labyrinth, ball_lostcity, ball_mayhem2, ball_planepark, ball_snow (thanks Maimer)
    New Console Commands:

    • dnd (do not disturb mode), type "/dnd true" into the chat window to activate, "/dnd false" to deactivate: suppresses in-game whisper messages and notifications
    • listBans
    • removeBan (IP or VaporID)
    • addBan (IP or VaporID) (duration) (time-unit) (reason) -- for banning players that aren't currently on the server
    • serverWhisper (nickname) (message) -- allows the server to send a message to a single player
    • serverMessage assignTeam (team -1 is spectator, 0 is left team, 1 is right team)
    Award Screen:

    • Added "You..." stat box beneath MVP boxes for comparison Updated categories to display additional information
    Server List:

    • Server rows now refresh upon selection Added filter option "Level Appropriate" -- excludes servers that don't allow players in your level range
    Helper Text:

    • Explodet: "Press F to launch a rocket, then press F again to detonate it."
    • Biplane: "Press F and D simultaneously to fire both weapons at once." Miranda: "Miranda's forward warp (hold UP) damages enemies in its path."

    • Added "Map Editor" and "Server Launcher" links to the main menu
    • Adjusted packet loss tracking for max ping kick detection
    • Streamlined facebook app, added unlink option, fixed known issues
    • New display option "Show Notifications" under Options -> Gameplay: toggles visibility of notification boxes in bottom right (e.g. " logged in") New child safety option "Suppress names" under Options -> Account: replaces custom player names with "Player 1", "Player 2", etc

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