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    June 9 2010 release contains:

    Added "Offline Mode" for convenient access to training and skirmish modes when playing without an internet connection

    New mouse control configurations available under Options -> Controls -> Mouse Navigation:

    • Turning and Throttle -- control orientation and throttle using the mouse (default)
    • Turning Only -- control orientation with the mouse and throttle with the keyboard (best for mouse+reverse thrust) Disabled (prevent accidental switches to mouse mode)

    Added configurable bot count to Training -> Skirmish

    Added "Reconnect" option when disconnected from a server

    Added (reason) to "has left the game" chat notifications for unusual exits (connection lost, ping kick, banned for )

    New console command "connect" (ex: press F1 to open console, type "connect" to join the server at that IP:port)

    Server Configurator: added tooltips for "HTTP Map Download Source" and "Admin Account IDs"

    Added server log warning "LAN mode -- only servers on local area network will see this server" when running with "LAN server" enabled.

    JSON server log message "clientAdd" -- added 'aceRank' and 'level' attributes

    Fixed visual artifacts when wrapping around map edges in spectator mode

    Fixed rendering issue along bottom of ball_lostcity

    Fixed a few bugs

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