America's Army 3 Update Released

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    AA3.3.1 Hotfix Changelist

    - Invulnerable AI were fixed.
    - Tweaked Auto-balance so that Steam Friends are properly grouped together when possible and players are far less likely to be switched back and forth frequently.
    - Potential fix for 14 players on a team after auto-balance fixes. Will prevent spectator from becoming 14th player on a team if both teams are full.
    - Updated AAR and fixes for stats pages.
    - Fix for pure COOP games not properly setting the empty team slot values so the select team didn't work correctly.
    - Server Admins: Fixes to server title bar to show server coop/pvp coop/mp mode and server title to make managing multiple servers easier.
    - Fix to allow pure coop by setting pvp coop cutoff to match the maxplayer.
    - Server crash fix for AI state timers.
    - Adjusts PB client list so it won't add player who's PBGUID generate fails for any reason.
    - PunkBuster Crash Research - this addresses a number of array issues where too long or too short arrays could cause crashes relating to pb_export.
    - Adjusted M145 ELCAN optic for the M249 SAW to more closely match where first round fired will hit.

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