another question :D

Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by sherry, June 28, 2008.

  1. sherry

    sherry New Member

    tell me when im aking in the wrong forum...but i wanted to ask something general about the fs side.
    what are these "ranks" for?
    ...u know like "fs-member"..."respected"...and so on?^^
    can u get special rights by getting higher "levels"?^^
    sry i m asking such questions...but its a long time ago for me beeing online here ;D
  2. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    The ranks permit you certain things like having an image in your sig or accessing a more private forum. Post more and you'll see.
  3. sherry

    sherry New Member

    okay i will =)
    ...but somehow its crap..i had over 500posts or sth...
    okay a year ago but i had them ;D
  4. rushil01

    rushil01 Maestro of Meyhem

    aww do you want a hug?
  5. sherry

    sherry New Member

    yes and a cookie plz =)

    how much different privat forums can i get access? only the member thing?

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