Discussion in 'Apply for Affiliation/Staff' started by lark, June 29, 2010.

  1. lark

    lark Full Member

    Main Alias: Lark
    Age: 21 - 3/4
    Position Applying for: Site Owner
    Experience: Owned lots of sites previously, mainly ones with bad security.
    Reason for wanting your requested position: I love the power.
    I agree to the EULA [Put Yes/No]: YES
  2. maqzek

    maqzek Member

    wat u doin her? ww3 much betr owner den u
  3. tarantino

    tarantino hollaget$

    neg dont approve
  4. lark

    lark Full Member

    Maqzek translator: U CNT B BEN SRS TARTINO?!?!?!?!!??!?
  5. xenome

    xenome <span style="background: url(

  6. DigitalGeek

    DigitalGeek Full Member

    Love your sig xenome [​IMG]
  7. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    What you gonna do with the site? You say bad security so makes me wonder if you will make same mistakes again.

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