Any good ps3 games to get back into your ps3?


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Here are some great exclusives that you will have the best gaming experience of your life lol:

I will include the average reviews from the internet whilst I'm looking.

Heavy rain: Great graphics and good storyline average score 9/10 no online but an awesome game with a different way of playing, 22 possible endings are good for replay value.

Mag: 256 player online shooter. Graphics wise it is lacking but hey 256 PLAYERS! Average score 7/10

God of War III: Comes out later this month great graphics and storyline and A nice brutal gory beat em up possible score 10/10

Uncharted 2: The best game I have ever played, brilliant graphics and storyline it is probably the best game ever to date its like a mini indiana jones adventure so great. average score 10/10

Killzone2: The best graphics on any console ever. great online but sadly the gameplay and storyline fall short but the graphics are worth just buying the game. Average score 9/10

Resistance 2: Good gameplay and basically ps3's halo. 80 player online battles are fun average review score 9/10

Infamous: Great super hero game, where you can be good or bad, and your appearance changes accordingly looks brilliant and its basically assassins creed with super powers. Average Score 9/10

Little Big Planet: Brilliant online play where people create their own levels so it's a game that never stops and the customization is brilliant a great game. Avrage score 10/10

These are the best games you could buy, I personally would like Uncharted 2 because metacritic gave it a 96 overall score on metacritic, the highest any game has got apart from GTA IV.


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i'm getting annoyed by all these random people that come on this site and post one thread about like the ps3 or wii and it's really random and then they never post again it's really weird


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I'm not really annoyed by it, but I do agree that it is strange. Wonder why they do it... what are there motives... We want answers. :p


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i'm sooo annoyed i can't stand it! jk. but it almost seems like it's the same person but we would know if it was because of their ip.


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Unless they change there IP or go to another location, but I really doubt that its the same person.

Well I never checked any of that Mr. Echo, sir. Otherwise I would have done something...


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You don't think the fact it was sent through a dedicated server is at all suspicious? Or the fact they spam in their signature and then put it to the right so people won't immediately notice it? Oh and it's the same IP.