any way i can help at all i'd like to!

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FS Member
Main Alias: Qbeck

Age: 16 almost 17

Position Applying for:Mainly thats up to you to decide, but i'm on here every day and i'll post on anything where i think i can help. I dont know a name for it, maybe just "helper"?

Experience: Paid teacher on computers, mac or pc, any topic. Edit:forgot to add also used to be a mod on a gaming forum but I got kinda bored

Reason for wanting your requested position: I really just want to be known as a helper and not just a member who just downloads whats avaible not doing much for the community.

I agree to the EULA [Put Yes/No]:
yep :)
+REP, seems trustworthy, isnt asking for much. XD Seems worth it.

P.S. I wont make a seperate thread for this, but if u want to make me something higher, would be appreciated. ;)
Well its up to the admins to decide, but atm I think there is enough mods (not that you're requesting that, but they still "Help" as such) so I really don't know if they'll take you on. If they don't, don't take it personally, this community isn't (overly) huge like warez-bb or other sites, so the amount of mods/admins won't be as great as those types of forums.
this made me laugh a little. Mate tbh im pretty sure they would have other people in mind to be mods if they need more (and no im not refering to myself for all those pricks who think i am) but yeah. Good luck anyway.
Denied, because you have no clear position applying for and I don't personally know you really.
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