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well hmm let me start by telling you a few things about my self.

my name is josh williams im a computer programmer.
im 23 years of age. i have a wife and son.
i do a lot of things when it comes to the computer / game consoles.
my programming skills ar ( vb6 / / some C# / some Delphi / Html / php / some java /,,,
iv coded alot of stuff when it comes to games.

some proof.
a bot im working on for a mmorpg.
[video 1]
[video 2]
i dont have anymore video of software i have made but i have source code. so if you need more let me know..

my skills also go beyond programming i aslo love to build micro chips and pic chips ..,,... anything electronic .
here is some proof of things iv done in the past for xbox 360. Go here and search the forums for my alias "Sillynuts"

iv done alot for alot of games and community's
my alias are JoshW ,Sillynuts ,Bloodbath-

Community's iv been apart of. / /

Sites i own (down for the moment ., my host lost my files lol well be back up soon.)

why i want to be a part of the FS team.

well i think i can help alot here and well i am looking for a new home as iv moved away from my current community's do to the kids that keep joining called [leechers]

i found FS a few days ago and well i like what i see thus fare and i think that i can add to the community as i have so many others.

i will include some source code of some simple things .

i can post more if need be was i site i made for my wife's cousin it is simple html / php / css
iv also coded a few sites to make some side cash. [google strawl. source code] [Silkroad online packet analyzer]


From the looks of it you are a very talented person and i'm sure the admins wouldn't mind having you as a coder here.

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