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First Name: John
Age: 19
Position Requesting: Coder
Reason for wanting position: I played some games using Steam while ago and even though I basically like the idea of Steam, it's really annoying that several games have dependencies which they actually do not need for being played. For example, you MUST have an internet connection and you MUST have a certain game for play another one, like MOD<->Game relationship where the mod doesn't need it's game but only the SDK.
I want to take part in developing applications which avoid all this obstacles.
Qualifications: Major understanding of programming/script languages, including: C, C++, Perl, Python, PHP, Javascript. Open source programmer and computer scientist.
I agree to EULA: Yes
U can do sth for me ??

I need modyfied steam offsets in some nice form:


Here oryginal steam.dll offsets

Changed to:

Here cracked ones

Need that offsets in virtual adress memory form not Olly Raw ;)

If u do it i think u will deserve to be in... but that will be not mine decision (not the boss here)
First of all, let me tell you that I don't have that much experience with Reverse Engineering, what I suppose is your definition of "Coding". But however, I know assembly language a bit and I am able to disassemble programs, even though that is not what a programmer usually does.
@{FS}Nemesis: Unfortunately not yet, but that's why I'm applying.
@{FS}Krzywy: I didn't know which "offsets" you wanted to have at first, but I guess you mean critical ones, like the login ones.

Because I don't know which dynamic link library contains which functions yet, I concentrated on the ones which call the error "User's ticket has expired", which in my personal experience is appearing when two pcs are using one Steam account.
The function is called in "Steam.dll" at offsets:

I changed every single call value from:
which would mean this message is stop being called.
However, I didn't manage to run my modified Steam.dll with Steam without being updated at startup yet.

Well, modifying hexdigits isn't very hard, but knowing the program structure. I guess you know it better than me, that's why I want to join.
To prevent form updating create a new text document in your steam directory, renamed it to Steam.cfg and write in this file "Boostrapperinhibitall=enable" without "".
Ok, well just like with everyone else who applies as a coder, I give them an opportunity. Prove your skills, show us what you got. Rix will be more than happy to help you, I am sure krzywy will too. I would like to also speak to you over MSN preferably.
K Ive got a task for ya. Its just something Im working on and you may prove useful already.. :)

If you can do this, Ill add as many points as the FS lads think im worth to your submission. If you can achieve it, that's great but failure in this task is not enough to fail your application. Im just trying to get a bearing on your skill level with something thats actually usefull to us atm.

It can be a difficult task depending on the programming language you use.

I need someone with intricate knowledge of microsofts web browser Interface(IWEBBROWSER) to make a borderless window that will navigate to a page when i send a WM_USER message.Its acceptable to use prebuilt stuctures-code-objects etc. You dont have to write it from scratch but you DO need to understand what you are copying.

Heres the catch:
Even though it can and WILL generate java errors YOU must automaticly dismiss the error then disable java script on the page.
If you can do that i will have zero problem with recommending you for staff.
Also if your code is used you ( your choice of course. ) will get your name in ministeam 2 which is in heavy development.

-------------------------------------------------- SO? You up for it? :)

ps. i always prefer honesty over bs i want to hear ...... honesty is worth a thousand skills imo.
pps. bear in mind thats a greater offer than it first appears since sasio has stopped development of SBRev, i think that makes ministeam is the only steam launcher that is STILL in active development. But i could be wrong...Its one of only a handful anyway. I can say that for definate
Lil help from meh :)

U can use some ready to use components like CppWebBrowser in Borland C++ Builder they have functions that Rix wanted :)

Anyway it's better to write your own to understand everythink clearly :D
Lil help from meh :)

U can use some ready to use components like CppWebBrowser in Borland C++ Builder they have functions that Rix wanted :)
Anyway it's better to write your own to understand everythink clearly :D

Dude I dont give a rats ass how he does it... only that he understands it.
I delliberatly picked the webbrowser interface because it can be a royal pain in the arse sometimes.
Ive just spent 2 days doing the same task in asm. that was fun. NOT. :lol:

fucking Microtard$ software....
Hello guys,
I^m not at home for the current week so give this task a little time.
Iwebbrowser seems to be well documented at msdn, so it should be no problem implementing it with winapi.
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@{FS}Nemesis: :D, I^m NOT going to use Basic.