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Im a Pro?
Hello @ all,
Well here I want again to apply for a Forum Moderator/Administrator :=). Hope it would be applied now :p.

Main Alias: Ray

Age: 17

Position Applying for: Forum Moderator/Administrator

Experience: Moderator on a big other Forum ( if you want the forum PM me for more informations ). And got some other forum experiences ages ago.

Reason for wanting your requested position: I help ppl a much and can also help German ppl if they got also Problems and might a kind of French ;).

I agree to the EULA [Put Yes/No]: Why not? --> Yes I agree

Again either Endorse, or Do Not Endorse this user. State your reasoning.

Personally, I am staying undecided as his English isn't great, and he can be a bit excessive about staying on top of the rules. Otherwise, a good choice for a mod.
what about me WWIII, just out of cureosity ;).

But yeah same as above, he can sometimes be excessive with applying rules.
If you just wait until WWIII re-opens your topic that'll make your application stronger, like mine is on hold for 2 weeks I'll wait the weeks or even 6 months lol until i get and deserve the position, just an advice ray you know I wouldn't go against you. I don't think spelling or language is a problem because I mean w33tab1x still got his position and he doesn't speak that much english...
weet speaks fine english :S at least i havent noticed anything wrong with it. I however don't think the forums need another mod :S we have plenty already and i don't see how you could help any more then you can as respected.
Well first thanks for your advice's. Well why I would be a forum moderator? Well I like to be a forum moderator already in another forum. Its much bigger then FS. I also help ppl much. 2. I want to be a forum moderator, coz I'm rly often here. Might not the whole day but almost.
yeah but the point im making which i told you over MSN was i don't see that you can help people anymore as a moderator then you can as a respected member on this forum... if you can prove to me otherwise then i'll be happy to endorse you.
Well I'm rly often Online. And e.g. the scammer/virus last time here in forum was deleted after 8 hours or longer :confused:. Thats to long! I'm online rly much. The most mods are Australian/Canadian or American mods, so that they are online at another time then me. Well. As you can see I can handle rly fast. And I hope, that you endorse me.

Happy Easter
I can see that you all wanted this position badly but I still think starting from a moderator level is the best way to trial a person. Ray, your English is not bad except that you should refrain from using abbreviations if possible and remember where the capitals should be placed.

I just don't want to be your English teacher. :(

Well people. Please come back to topic. Would be great. Please let me know if your endorse me.

Radeon said:
Sorry rushil but there's 2.
Bascailly theres 2 after a full stop and 1 after a comma although it seems with Vbulletin that if you put 2 its shows as 1 regardless. Trust me on this, check it up if you have to.

Back on subject.

You still didn't told us: Did you endorse me or don't? :p. Or you still don't know? :)
Please don't post anymore Non topic subjects in here ;).
I forgot Ray posted an application befor so ive editied this.
I do endorse Ray, although, seriously you are trying to hard and slightly nagging with the whole "i want to be a mod" situation.
You would make a good mod, but, you need to calm down abit, by that i mean just remember before you mod a post your a member first meaning in some cases just let it go and relax.
I like how i have been introduced to this topic for no reason. The main reason for me becoming a mod/admin is well i have been with FS for many of years and have been a mod and helper around here years before.
As of now, I do not endorse it for the following reason.

English isn't that great ie mod standards for an "English (majority) based board".


I my reasons are not targeted at Ray personally, he is a decent guy (from what I know). I do believe in fair trials so I would recommend creating a "German Sub-forum" in the other languages section. Give him mod powers in that section of the forum and see how well it's managed. Leave all the modding up to him to see weather he's worthy enough. Then decide.

Well Reflector its a good idea. After a month or more as Mod in German Section might with more support for German's we can discuss again if I'm able to get Mod Status for the complete Forum ;).
I got a feeling this is going to be one of those topics that just go on and on and on, since WWIII is undecided... yeah locked?
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