Arsenal of Democracy Update Released

Updates to Arsenal of Democracy have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

New features:
  • Shift-click in convoi menu
  • Mission window now selects new target if province target is invalid (switching from area to province)
  • Mission window now allows to select provinces from map - more restricted mode but still very neat.
  • All scenarios now start with auto-assigned leaders at the start of campaign
  • Added historical Brigade picture possibility for all brigades
  • Even though its practically a bugfix: Flickering GoneAuto Promote leader - leaders in units now preferred for all types of units.
  • Front AI: Solved the SuperStack issue
  • Front AI: Now correctly understands the stacking penalities
  • Front AI: Not as afraid of forts as it once was
  • Auto Promote leader - leaders in units now also preferred for air and naval units.
  • Parts of the Minor Graphics Mod (TeutonburgerW)
  • Auto production now also takes current unit consumption into account when setting sliders.
  • Auto production now reserves enough stock for units instead of fixed 2000
  • Ships reduce supply drain when resuppying at port when country has too low supplies.
  • (players who thought they could run a constant 500 supplies stock when their ships stock alone could stock 2000+ always got a nasty surprise before this)Admiral AI now more active - should give you more of a fight.
  • Espionage Toned down quite a bit
  • Changed Espionage Calculations (betas will test new system this week)
  • Naval Combat now more decicive
  • Land Bombers vs Ships effect toned down a littleNational Ideas re-balanced
  • Typo in Australian Tech Team file
  • Minor error with Finnish Leader file.
  • Events target wrong tech teams
  • Replaced non-standard character upper and lower case versions with corresponding ae/oe/ue
  • Korea Scenario: Korea now correctly has military control over USA
  • Kashmir's flag is broken
  • India and Pakistan have their Historical Info text swapped
  • BTooltip for building nuclear power plants is wrongIsrael 1948 Scenario crash when event 6026 fires. (was a missing } in scenario file)
  • Ships supply usage fixed when in port (before they used more stock in port than when at sea)
  • Leaders can die Without Dying(until reload)
  • Events can mistakenly impose "currently taking office" delay on ministers (minister replaced by himself gave delay)
  • BAssassinate Minister mission always targets Head of State/Government.
  • Send Expeditionary force button - tooltip added
  • Redeploying troops don't need salaries/affect daily decrease in manpower
  • Divisions where shown the "forest" penalty text when attacking a plains province
  • Redeploying troops don't need salaries/affect daily decrease in manpower
  • Forest penalty text shown when attacking a plains province
  • Revoltrisk in core provinces that were occupied by enemy
  • Paratroopers lost after winning a battle if org < 50%
  • Shared country Slider Fix
  • Losses are now correctly being assigned to the division builders nation and not the current commanding nation.
  • CVLs Show Without CAGs in the Statistics Ledger
  • Civiwar Annex related CTD fixed
  • Loss of Skill to Inactive Techteam Happens to Sleeping Teams
  • 5 provinces go to france from GER due to USA->FRA giving provinces
  • CTD when clicking on the province buildings tab. (and no buildings availible)
  • Suez Crisis battle scenario does not end
  • Wrongly spelled Australian ships
  • Statistics now display properly in German Version.
  • Foreign IC modifier is backwards for ideas and ministers
  • Updated Display for Province/Area/Region
  • Fixed trade Convoy exploit (rounding error)Fixed CTD when clicking on the detailed convoys list after reload but before 1 hour of gametime has elapsed.