Assassin’s Creed® III Update Released

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    •Added support for DLC “The Tyranny of King Washington: The Redemption.”
    •Guards will no longer be equipped with Washington’s sword.
    •”Tyranny of King Washington” intro videos now pause if controller is unplugged.
    •Fixed incorrectly displayed stealth icon sometimes appearing when leaving Wolf Cloak.
    •Increased Wolf Pack effectiveness versus firing lines.
    •Wolf Pack no longer interrupts counter-kills.
    •Eagle Flight will no longer generate reactions when taking-off/landing in “The Betrayal.”
    •Fixed remaining known issues (lockpicking, Memory Fragments, locked items) in “The Betrayal.”


    •Boost Cooldown now works as intended.


    •The Artifact is no longer reset to its base while carried by a player under certain circumstances.


    •Anti-cheating measures against specific techniques have been put into place.
    •Issues that could lead the Abstergo Store to become unavailable have been fixed.

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