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Ok i made this for my nexus graphics/but i stopped after this and went into spyware,so heres an auto clicker/typer,i will be charging for this eventually due to the complexity of the auto clicker

auto typer features

-choose interval
-max loops of lines
-check {enter} for it to automatically send like in cs,or runescape,aim ect.....

enter {shift} for shift
enter {space} for space

auto clicker
-im not going into big detail so the noobs dont leach but the basics
-record position of clicks for playback (like to spray walls or somthing in cs)
-counts clicks
-list of past clicks
-left,middle or right click avalable
-set intervals of clicks with second,millisecond style
-check program clicks to play back recorded clicks
-check record to,well record position of each click
-delay to start clicks
-max clicks
-ctrl starts and alt stops

so heres the file,majority of source included in zip file

LINK: (.zip)
Lol nexus

i remember making the rscheata cracker. lol

ruler made the nexus auth system because me and nub35 went and made a password cracker. then nub35 made the auth cracker and then ruler obfuscated the code lol

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