Ban the person above you


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I found a new game while exploring the web :p

I post a letter Banned for Having a long sig.

You post something like : Banned for Saying a Sig is too long.

The Next person Writes why you are banned an so on and so on.

this should be fun once we get going

Now the next person writes why you are banned you can write as many times as you want but you Cant Ban your self.

Disclaimer:You wont actually get banned and neither will you actually ban someone. Imho, if admins dont like it they can axe it, enjoy.


Fenny: Banned for banning someone who has previously banned someone who already had been "Perma-BANNED by SERVER OP."


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Elite: BANNED - For assuming Erix doesn't have a signature when in actual fact he just chooses not to use it.


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tarantino: BANNED - For telling eric to seize 'the moment of truth'.

:). (I know that smiley will probably come back at me)


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elite: Banned for taking my bananna.


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