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Discussion in 'The Marketplace!' started by Prologer, March 16, 2010.

  1. Prologer

    Prologer FS Member

    I am selling lots of new Battlefield: Bad Company 2 CD-KEYs.
    Works with EA download manager.
    Can be used worldwide, more languages.

    After making a payment, you receive an email with the code (scan of the case) and installation instructions.
    After entering the code into EA download manager (downloadable for free from eastore), the game is automatically downloaded and installed into your computer.

    You can choose from more languages (English, German, French, Russian...).

    1 code - $24.99 (only $22.5 at September!)
    2-3 codes - $24 each (only $21.6 at September!)
    4-5 codes - $23 each (only $20.7 at September!)

    5% discount for payments from LibertyReserve, WebMoney!
    Payment also possible to PayPal, PerfectMoney, MoneyBookers.
    When paying from PayPal, I am sending to PayPal email address only.

    More than 100 codes sold! PM me for references!
  2. Prologer

    Prologer FS Member

    First costumers served.

    My offer is still valid. PM me if interested.

    10% discount till the end of September! Get the game for $22.5 only!
  3. IBR4HIM

    IBR4HIM FS Member

    Are they safe ?
  4. RaDDo

    RaDDo FS Member

    lol idk if people still play it but i wish you luck buddy :)
  5. Infinal

    Infinal New Member

    looks nocheapo
  6. Krylorz

    Krylorz New Member

    BF3 now :)

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