[BETA] Easy Server V.1

Whats wrong with the dedicated server already on steam? its easy to use... you would have to be retarded to not be able to use it
Some people aren't as smart as you. Some people are lazy. Some people like not having to do unneccecary work.

It is simple, I agree, but I admit, the first time was a pain in the ass!
Now if you really want to go out of your way and make this a REALLY useful app you might consider adding -
- Mani Admin Plugin BETA v1.2
- Maplist.txt + Clients.txt with code all set for the creator
- SMM(Source Meta Mod) + A few mods to go with it

Now that would be a very useful app to all those small minded feens out there ;)

RegardzZz SystemReaper
Maybe I will, I have 2 months to develop it. And it took about 3 days to design and program the entire core.

Making the mod installer shouldn't be too hard. I'll try the best I can to make everything into this app. I need some beta tester though.
Thanks for the info. Maybe i'll add a CFG editor too. Like you load the file and it will add it into a textbox so you can edit and save it.
Yeah I would gladly be a BETA tester for your program and/or server, But it will have to be for Half-life: Deathmatch sadly.

RegardzZz Anarchy
member erix dont pack it full of to much shit dont put surrport for mani plugin or w/e because that will just fuck up the 1.6 side :p

ps i thort i was banned well any ways thanks ww3 for unbanin me <3
Nice, good for the noobs that want to make life easier :p You should add in as a little note or something beside the amount of players for a server should not be too large if you don't have a T1 or up connection. But useless for me, I like to do that myself. It makes me feel... accomplished :D
even if you are a FS Owner, please use the edit button
would have been a triple post now ;)
Erix was showing me this last night. He spent alot of his dedicated time. It is alot of coding in this. It is very well organized. Only a little bit of glitches but knowing erix he will get the job done easily.