Bleak has Retired.

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1) Yes
2) No

Welcome back Fenny, nice to see your name back on the FS boards.
then u know nothing about what fenny can do. lets bet he can send a police car in your house from his pc :p. LOL
jeee bloody ell guys all this "i love fenny shit" just give him a kiss and have sexy with him. godddddddddd ;) ;P.
nah overall its nice to have you back
well i am sorry if i know nothing about fenny, but obviously he is an awesome hax0r. XD

how much does he know about steam (i mean, is that his specialty)? How can i contact him (aim, msn...) :)
i sense a ban coming... XD

lol, it is not a good idea to spam threads with flaming text. I have learned my lesson in that.

I once spammed pacman's forum (******** project) because i hate his NWO shit and his repacks, and they banned me. I should have seen that coming. Oh well, i hacked his Forum mysql database and got the passwords of everybody registered there. XD

Need proof? Admins, PM me. I am willing to share with WWIII ONLY. ;)
@ mikhail911 give us a proof that you done it. Btw. this has nothing to do with this topic! Open a new thread, if you feel cool, that you hacked anotehr website :confused:. Before you dont show us any proof we wont belive it ;9.
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