Bob Came in Pieces Update Released

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    Updates to Bob Came in Pieces have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.


    VERSION 1.3

    • Keyboard shortcuts added to all menus
    • Save Location for ships and profiles moved to new directory to prepare for coming features
    • Fixed a rare issue in the Steam version where some players would get stuck in the Main Menu
    • Prettier landscape and increased performance in the Main Menu
    • Fixed an issue with textures when switching to desktop
    • Wind areas should now work better at low FPS
    • Countless small bugfixes
    • Level 4 - The player now start on-top of a ship builder
    • Level 4 - The background has been made darker
    • Level 6 - Some grass moved to improve visibilty in the seesaw puzzle
    • Level 7 - Performace no longer drops when the burnable in the last puzzle has been destroyed
    • Level 8 - The last puzzle have been compleatly redesigned. The new puzzle should be more stable and easier to understand
    • Level 10 - Moved the large wind area slightly up to prevent leakage into the corridor below
    • Level 11 - The "5kg puzzle" is now less likely to fail
    • Level 11 - Improved stability of the "Wind Cannon" puzzle
    • Level 11 - The portal gate has been made more stable
    • Level 12 - Fixed an exploit in the last puzzleLevel 13 - Some graphical objects added to make some puzzles easier to understand

    VERSION 1.2

    • Repaired the last puzzle on Chapter 8
    • Made windpuzzle on Chapter 10 clearerFixed a benign bug in Save As dialog

    VERSION 1.1

    • You are now awarded Medals for fast clear times
    • Hundreds of stability improvements
    • Minor changes to puzzles
    • Improved interface
    • Improved tutorials
    • Remastered music and sounds
    • Chapter 6 - Large rocket replaced with Medium rocketChapter 7 - Medium rocket replaced with Large rocket


    • Cloud save file
    • AchievementsLeaderboards

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