Booster Trooper Update Released

Updates to Booster Trooper have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Booster Trooper
  • Fixed: Tripple Kill Achievement
  • Fixed: Light and Dark Trooper Achievement
  • Fixed: Duster Achievement
  • Beacon strength doubled
  • Fixed: multiple exit messages of players leaving matches
  • Server list sorted by ping from low to high
  • Fixed: several changed input keys now saved correctly
  • Changed: object size of grenades decreased
  • Improved: aiming with controller
  • Added: D-Pad down on controller brings up stats
  • Fixed: [Unknown] player name
  • Performance improved
  • Added: Texture details low option
  • Fixed: lost device
  • Fixed: Armcutter range
  • Added: global volume setting
  • Fixed: overall volume attenuation
  • Fixed: [Bot]Mitch team correctly set for TDM
  • Added: friendly fire option for servers in team modes
  • Fixed: block joining full games
  • Fixed: network shooting bug
  • Added: more different screams on death
  • Improved: hit collision detection
  • Improved: Rocket and Grenade damage range decreased
  • Improved: Minigun damage falloff on distance
  • Improved: Shotgun range increased
  • Improved: Plasma damage increased
  • Improved: Pistol damage increased
  • Improved: Jetpack takeoff speed increased
  • Improved: Jetpack "refill" pause decreased
  • Improved: Sniper damage falloff on distanceImproved: If player ducks down accuracy of weapon is increased