Bought used game, got screwed


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So, I bought a used copy of a Valve game. Apparently this is a big mistake - how was I supposed to know? I haven't had any hardware I could run games on for two years (thanks to the recession)!

So, I come here, and its far more geared towards "download and play" than I'm looking for, but this was the only resource I could find.

What the hell can I do, guys?


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This is a total no-go - they want a valid retail receipt.
I have a way around that in a sense. I ran into the same problem once when I bought a dumb ass game called Alone In The Dark from a guy who got it from his brother and...never mind the story. Anyway there was no way of having the activation revoked. So I went to the store and bought a copy of the game, sent Atari a copy of the reciept. Once I sent a copy of the receipt I took the unopened game back to the store and got my money back.