British People And Their Anticts!


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[Cough]Rix[/Cough] lol

They loose to Australia in cricket, And than they claim it's no big deal and that cricket isn't that good over at the UK, Then they change the subject saying they beat us in soccer. Soccer is another excuse to meet up with men on a Friday evening and play with each other balls. :)

I'm just wondering, Do the people from the UK even like cricket? lol.
And they walk around with top hats on, Go to cafes and talk about politics while their children dance around a flower field singing extracts from willy wonka.

*Waits for a British person to come back with a kangaroo call*

who cares sports suck

Sports shapes a nations :D
Hi createamuck, im fair play to people who have there views, im english, but you have stupid fucking reason and arnt even valid, tbo get a life if you think cricket "shapes a nation", then fuck man get a life. Your a classic "judge a book by it's cover". I bet were ever your from has its downsides. so if your going to slag a nation then make sure its a good reason.
End of.
BlinkY don't get mad I don't mean it like that, But in Australia's sport history you cant go past the fact that cricket is one of Australia's most played sport. I'm not raging on the UK, Just saying nobody seems to acknowledge cricket over there.
Ok sorry bud respect, ummm yeah cricket over here is for i find those toffe nosed faggots who are totaly just stuck up there ass (basically posh people). As for the uk its mainly i find football (soccer) and rugby, Cricket only gets poperler when its on tv and then thats the time you see kids playing it in ther streets. Each nation has its sport eg brazil and football i guess.
Ah now I get it, The posh people play it over there. Kinda weird cause soccer (football) isn't as popular as it is in england.
Well cricket i couldnt give a fuck about it really, although bud you cant really say its just the posh people lol keep that hush =).
man sports is the best!!! especially AFL... my god its a good game. This guy i know just got drafted into Port Adelaide but the demons are still the best!!!
Vasuki, get off your lazy ass and play some sports ;). I think NFL and college basketball shapes America.
Nah i like being lazy... yes i know it will kill me one day but i just love playing my pc so much :p meh i wouldnt be able to post here so much if i got off my ass...
[lie]True dat N008 Its the only thing i go to the pc is to see vasuki insane rants[/lie]

On the subject of brits, COMON we literally owned the whole world at one stage it was all ours, pretty embarassing really for you guys.

Especially australia i mean WTF???? what a joke of a country
ahhh kk i know. well tbo saying what youve said in the above post expect alot of bullshit from other members dude lol, i cant be bothered with that so your on your own ;P.
they cant argue with the truth The Uk is the best.
But we do have two really opposite stereotypes

The posh tea sipping top hat wearing ponce called leonard

And the huge footy hooligan who will kick the shit out of you if you say anything bad about man u or are french
gdgd, anyway this is a pretty shit topic to be honest, i think it should be closed, because it aint going anywere./
im out of this discussion, OUR GOVERMENT SUCK DONKEY COCK. thats it from me and this thread.
um... Thebear Australia was populated by Brits, i know being associated with poms is a discrase but seriously i think by kicking the shit out of you in every sport other then soccer lets us redeem our honor :D and who needs soccer anywayz, its for panzys
Who has the rugby world cup atm?

they cant argue with the truth The Uk is the best.
But we do have two really opposite stereotypes


kicking the shit out of you in every sport other then soccer lets us redeem our honor

who won the ashes lat time boyo

Any more talk on this subject and you all get banned XD