C++ Book Recommendations


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I'm looking for good reading materials that I can past time away. Right now I'm reading C++ Programming by D.S. Malik. Anyone have some other suggestions? I'm taking Computer Science too.
I'm its not quite C++, but its computers and its interesting, try The Winn L. Rosch Hardware Bible (Third Edition). =)
I don't like C++, but in my programming experience (C# and vB.Net), books are very intimidating... those that write them are often bland individuals who have the smarts to code, but not to teach others in a creative and productive manner. Anyone that I've met who has been a successful programmer has done so without the aid of books.

However, taking snippets from tutorials is absolutely necessary... obviously no one can guess how to program.
I agree with Deride, I didn't read shit, and i'm a fairly decent (used to be) programmer. I just played around with alot of stuff (VB.NET is easy to play around because it gives you classes and shit; if you do textbox1. it will list EVERYTHING possible for that control. Like textbox1.Text).

VB.net is so much easier than c++ (IMO).
Private Sub Start()
      If runCmd.Checked Then
            Dim Proc As String = "C:\WINDOWS\cmd.exe"
            Exit Sub
      End If
End Sub

Tell me that isen't easy to understand.. Someone write a C++ equivalent.
C++ seems like it's only useful for games and other complex applications.
No point in using C++ to code anything that you would find on these boards.

Take a look at Hello World for C++

Fuck that.