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Discussion in 'Programming Chat & Support' started by P4rD0nM3, April 13, 2007.

  1. P4rD0nM3

    P4rD0nM3 Full Member

    I'm looking for good reading materials that I can past time away. Right now I'm reading C++ Programming by D.S. Malik. Anyone have some other suggestions? I'm taking Computer Science too.
  2. Thebear

    Thebear Full Member

    Have u seen the online tutorial called C++ in 21 days?

    Google it
  3. BlinkY

    BlinkY Pork is not a Verb

    I'm its not quite C++, but its computers and its interesting, try The Winn L. Rosch Hardware Bible (Third Edition). =)
  4. P4rD0nM3

    P4rD0nM3 Full Member

    Uhm yeah. I have it. I'm looking for other good books that has a hard copy so I can stash it in...
  5. DarkShadow

    DarkShadow Full Member

    C++ For Dummies <--- good beginner C++ book.
  6. aCursYm

    aCursYm Full Member

    I have some ( ca. 20 ) books about programming in C and C++!

    I will upload them !
  7. Krzywy

    Krzywy Moderator

    Thinking in c++
  8. Deride

    Deride Full Member

    I don't like C++, but in my programming experience (C# and vB.Net), books are very intimidating... those that write them are often bland individuals who have the smarts to code, but not to teach others in a creative and productive manner. Anyone that I've met who has been a successful programmer has done so without the aid of books.

    However, taking snippets from tutorials is absolutely necessary... obviously no one can guess how to program.
  9. EriX920

    EriX920 FS Administrator

    I agree with Deride, I didn't read shit, and i'm a fairly decent (used to be) programmer. I just played around with alot of stuff (VB.NET is easy to play around because it gives you classes and shit; if you do textbox1. it will list EVERYTHING possible for that control. Like textbox1.Text).

    VB.net is so much easier than c++ (IMO).
    Private Sub Start()
          If runCmd.Checked Then
                Dim Proc As String = "C:\WINDOWS\cmd.exe"
                Exit Sub
          End If
    End Sub
    Tell me that isen't easy to understand.. Someone write a C++ equivalent.
  10. Deride

    Deride Full Member

    C++ seems like it's only useful for games and other complex applications.
    No point in using C++ to code anything that you would find on these boards.

    Take a look at Hello World for C++

    Fuck that.

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