Cafe Ban Rumor


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Just a question for when and IF a new working Cafe Account client comes out. I was hearing a rumor (no clue if its true, thats what I wanna know) that as long as your playing a cafe account on the same IP Address as your main account, that Steam will detect you main, paid for account and, if they end up banning you off the Cafe account that it will also ban your main account. I dont want to risk this. Is this totally bogus or what? Just wanted to know ahead of time. Thanks.
Ya thats where I heard it. Nobody seemed to believe it though. I just dont want to get myself into anything since im a high ranking officer in my clan and cant afford to lose my main account. Thx again.
its not a rumor
i was ip banned but i changed my ip
seems like theve stopped their rampage at the moment
Contact your ISP to change your IP simple.
Its a rumor. COz I played with my main account and cafe account on the same ipЯ and nothing happens.
Well i did not get banned and i used many cafe accounts with one IP (and the main acc)
and never got banned...
is it possible that its not getting your ip. but your ticket number everytime you go into the infected account?cause i heard that they can just add some shit onto your config and your whole thing is fucked up.