Call of Duty 2 and Cvilization 4 .GCF's??

Discussion in 'Filled' started by n0ah, January 14, 2007.

  1. n0ah

    n0ah New Member

    Anyone know where i could find the .gcfs for Call of Duty 2 and Cvilization 4? Thanx a bunch!
  2. Baine

    Baine FS Member

    as far as i know they arent posted anywhere, sry man
  3. Cobra.uK

    Cobra.uK New Member

    Indeed, I only have CoD and CoD:UO.
  4. earfer

    earfer FS Member

    Call of Duty 2 and Cvilization 4 .GCF's??

    how bout finding it in the cf toolbox it might be there im not sure but give it a shot!

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