Call of duty 4 hacks

Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by Nakeriakov, January 25, 2008.

  1. Nakeriakov

    Nakeriakov New Member

    i didn't know where to post this so i put it here

    well i am looking for hacks that are free and are undetected so far if anyone could find me some it would be appreciated.
  2. Etheco

    Etheco FS Member

  3. Dj_Asim

    Dj_Asim Full Member

    try to google rofl...

    first search then post
  4. Nakeriakov

    Nakeriakov New Member

    i have looked otherwise i wouldn't have posted silly
  5. Dj_Asim

    Dj_Asim Full Member

    then thhere are no H4x u noob! go get skillz
  6. Ray

    Ray Im a Pro?

    There is no free call of duty 4 hack out. YOu had to pay for them.
    And Asim dont take a 1 week old thread to said n00b haxxor to some1 ;).
  7. Vasuki

    Vasuki Respected

    There are free CoD4 hacks altho they are detected if you want good undetected hacks go buy them
  8. BlinkY

    BlinkY Pork is not a Verb

    cheating is pretty lame tbh, if you cant play cod4 then maybe go play solitare or somethink
  9. Ray

    Ray Im a Pro?

    Agree ;). Well
  10. Dj_Asim

    Dj_Asim Full Member

    he called me silly :(
  11. BlinkY

    BlinkY Pork is not a Verb

  12. KINGSTEF55

    KINGSTEF55 FS Member

    Dont use any of these free hacks, ur account will be banned so quick. Look for private hacks that havent been disributed to the whole world.

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