Call of Duty 5 - World at War - First Details


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Hey I found the first Details to Call of DUty 5 - Wold of war

There have been several questions from fans about this game. Who is developing it? Where will it be set? What's going to happen with the multiplayer? What if it turns out like Call of Duty 3?

Thanks to a world exclusive preview in the latest issue of OXM, we can now answer those questions for you, with the following features making up the essential points about the game...

It is being developed by Treyarch
- Confirmation that it will, in fact, be Treyarch handling it as most expected.

It will be set in World War II - Following Call of Duty 4, the series will be returning to World War II and in particular, the battle of the Pacific between America and Japan. European assaults will also feature, such as the Russians advancing on Berlin.

It will be called Call of Duty: World at War - Note that it will NOT be known as Call of Duty 5, as the series is now doing away with numbers, a la Tony Hawk.

It will be on a two-year cycle - This means Treyarch has had more time to develop Call of Duty: World at War. This was a problem that blighted Call of Duty 3, which was completed in 11 months while the team was also trying to create a separate Call of Duty game for last-gen consoles.

Multiplayer is left intact - Treyarch will be adding to Call of Duty 4's popular multiplayer rather than taking away, with the main addition being new vehicles. Perks will still be there along with a new 'leader' system, that gives you extra perks when sticking close to the team's leader.

It will use the Call of Duty 4 engine - Good news for those who loved Call of Duty 4's fluid shooting action is that by using the same engine, this should feel largely the same. The biggest difference between the two are the environments are now more destructible.

Japanese tactics! - The main new gameplay advance for the series is the unusually aggressive tactics of the Japanese as they set ambushes, hide in trees, flank fearlessly, hide in the ground... creative director Rich Farrelly says World at War has more in common with survival horror than war movies.

Four player co-op - Call of Duty: World at War will have split screen for two players, online co-op for four players!

New weapons - The main new addition being the flamethrower, allowing you to set fire to grass and trees, flushing out Japanese soldiers waiting to ambush you.

Which new feature are you most excited about in Call of Duty: World at War?


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I'm not sure about this game.

Could have it's ups and downs, but I do really like WW2 games...


Call of Duty: World at War revealed, Treyarch to develop

It surprised precisely no one when Activision last month revealed plans for yet another game in the publisher's popular Call of Duty franchise, though until now details have been kept just beyond our line of sight. Now new scans lifted from the latest issue of the UK's Official Xbox Magazine have confirmed earlier rumors that the series' fifth installment, apparently dubbed Call of Duty: World at War, will be handled by developer Treyarch, and that the game's previously teased "new military theater" will again drop players behind enemy lines in a battle for the Pacific during World War II.

According to the article, Treyarch aims to "explore the darkest corners of WWII," giving the military shooter more of a survival horror flavor by "tackling darker themes" and pitting players against a "new, seemingly alien fighting force." Activision has yet to officially announce Call of Duty: World at War, though it seems clear that we'll be trading in our guided anti-tank missiles for submachine guns sooner than we'd like.

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I agree that FarCry 1 was not that great.. but looking at the graphics of FC2 it looks promising.... and after all, its all about opinion


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LOL... Now I see why you think it sucks! lol your thinking of the console version... that was not even worth the CD it was printed on! Im talkin PC.


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Neg it's roots are with Infinity Ward and WWII, I bet cod5 will be consoles only just like cod3, treyarch just don't cut it like Infinity.

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