Can't post in marketplace?


FS Member
Hi guys, I can.t post in market place, is there any reason (like low post count etc) as to why I would not be able to?

I am interested in selling my main steam account (I have one other with only css, dods and Hl2:dm which I will always keep since my nephew uses it), basically I am bored of playing css, and the other games on there are not games I play online (plus I can always just download the games from mininova if I wanna play them in future, and can log in to other account if I change mind on css) so wanna sell it off to make some cash.

there is about 17 games on htere w8 lemmi count lol...yeah 17, they are as follows;

Counter Strike: Source
Dawn of War: Soulstorm
Halflife 2
Hitman: Blood Money
Half life Platinum Pack (original hl & dm and source versions, blueshift, opp force, dod, tfc and ricochet).

Looking for aroung Ј30 ($60ish give or take exchange rates).

Will accept paypal, PM me for details, below is some shots of the account (it is not VAC banned, never used hacks and had the account since 2005 so digits should be low by now).