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I guess I'll start the first thread in this forum:

Most popular cash site today I guess would be:


1) Click Signup

2) Signup Niggah! [ I suggest using a legit email address ]

3) Now Login to the site. You will be taken to the members page. Click available offers, wait for the page to load, then click 100% free OR Credit Card Req. (you get alot more points)

4) Now you should be in the offers page. Click on the banner for whatever offer you want, complete it, then click completed, in about an hour they will add the points to your cashlagoon account. Do this until you have 2,5,10,20,50,or 100 points. (1 point=1 dollar)

5) Now click the available offers tab, and you will be taken here, choose what amount of many you want, and fill in your paypal email address, you can also request a check.

6) Send Your Money To Me :)

- CreateAMuck.
i never really see the point in these things it isnt like you make alot of money out of them
If uou dont live in US/Canada, then use TOR proxy :) It's anonymous, and you can select proxy from any country.

Use google next time :p When you install tor, go to View Network in vidalia (Onion icon in tray), and search for servers in US/Canada. When you find it, go to tor configuration file (torrc.txt), and type something like this:

StrictEntryNodes 1
StrictExitNodes 1
EntryNodes nickname,cickname,nickname
ExitNodes nickname,nickname,nickname

You can find nickname in View Network window, after you start TOR via Vidalia :)
Sorry for my english ;)
I'm going to try it right now, ill let ya know what happens..

Nevermind... filling out so many of those surveys is painful and i gave up too fast .. someone else try it.
If there was a program that would auto fill in all the spots of each survey that would be amazing.
I live in Poland, and i've just completed one of those surveys :) It works, but those proxy are really slow...
I'm trying it now, so I'll let you know. I bet some of that CCV would go great here :D
Yea sorry noo8 i cant figure out how to edit the post without deleting what i already said sometimes =/
Ok, I just earned 1.37$ from it, still waiting for my other offer to be approved :)
step 6? man you forgot the final and most important step... where you give me all the money you earnt from this plus some extra to me :p
OK,I got this tore program going and a US proxy running.
But What i wont to know is do i have to make a new payapl account thats US as well or it don't matter?

A good start for teh money making section, I ll revive my old topics soon.
Thanks for this i am getting tor installe dnow.
i used proxy... but prob is that they confirm via phone.. that u really belong to that area.... if u got any frnd out there... ask him to help u out by just recieving the call
I've been doing it a LOT and so far when the money goes through to my paypal I should be at around 50$ made today I think... its best to do the credit card ones for good money. I'll let you guys know if its completely legit when I get my money.
theres some that charge like 1$ and pay like 10, but theres some credit card ones that you just need to enter a number that works to do and it doesnt cost you
can u tellme those offers... all the offers those who dont charge at all

bcoz i dont want anything in billing info

i hope u understand

it would b very nice..if u could help me out in this....u can pm me the surveys
how many points can we make in 1 day? *dumb question but i don?t like to wait 1 week to get 1 dollar*