CF Toolbox v1.1 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

Discussion in 'Tools + Resources' started by WorldWarIII, June 19, 2008.

  1. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII [ Respected ]

    CF Toolbox

    The purpose of CF Toolbox is to provide you with the needed tools for managing and keeping your Steam Cache Files (GCF/NCF files) up to date when you are not able to install the Steam client in your environment.

    Please read the included documentation for important security warnings and information

    Thanks :
    I would like to thank everyone who helped me on this project, by giving me technical information, suggestions and features ideas, beta testing the tool, providing me with accounts, spending hours sharing files and debugging with me so i could test and fix issues :
    .cue, Baine, bleh, d4op, Da_FileServer, Datrix, Diviton, dormine, drsealion, erix920, fragtion, g3cka, GX6688, Kajanis, Krzywy, p3ng3l, PJG, random46, RessourectoR, rz950, sar3th, SASiO, Shaman, shmelle, SpinX, theSpam. I hope i haven't forgot someone ... [​IMG]
    CF Toolbox would not be what it is without your help !

    Please, do NOT make mirrors for this and do NOT repack this application to ensure that only the latest version can be downloaded. If the HTTP mirror does not work for you, try the attachment below.

    Download :

    • Installer 1.1.1 : download
      Includes the "official" plugins : Browser, CDR tools, Media player, NCF App cleaner.

    • Zip archive 1.1.1 : download
      Includes the "official" plugins : Browser, CDR tools, Media player, NCF App cleaner.
    Plugins :
    If you create some nice CF Toolbox plugin, please send it to me so i can add it to the plugins list.

    • Browser 1.0 : download
      Allows to browse internet pages (steampowered, community, games manuals, updates info, ...).
    • CDR tools 1.1 : download
      Download/Import/Export the ContentDescriptionRecord (usefull for offline computers) and compare your CDR with the latest Steam network one.
    • Media player 1.1 : download
      Allows to play Media from CF Toolbox.
    • NCF App cleaner 1.0 : download
      Allows to delete the junk files from NCF based SteamApps.
    • CF Toolbox Updater 1.1.0by Shaman : CFToolbox/[/I]
    • GCFExplorer plugin 1.23by SASiO : download
      The plugin version of SASiO's universe best tool for opening GCF files.
    • UCL launcher 0.0.1by Shaman : download
      Allows to launch SteamApps using UCL. (Requires g3cka's UCL).
    Change log :
    2011/09/05 - 1.1.1 : Added SteamGuard support. The keygen must be copied to the "protected" Steam folder in order to be able to generate the key
    2011/09/04 - 1.1.0 : Migrated from MasterAuthenticationServers to CMServers, added a status bar with currently connected accounts (° means the account is disconnected for now). you can now download protected games if you own them.
    2011/07/08 - 1.0.13 : fixed CDR size issue
    2010/12/05 - 1.0.12 : reduced startup time, added "disable install tab" to speedup the interface, and preventing cft to corrupt unsupported 4GB+ files (please use a dedicated update plugin)
    2010/05/09 - 1.0.11 : fixed the encryption flag issue. included a basic content server.
    2009/01/01 - 1.0.10 : Perform time correction if mis-configured on system
    2008/09/14 - 1.0.9 : Fixed files resizing issue with updates
    2008/09/09 - 1.0.8 : Fixed some large file support added new ncf descriptor support
    2008/08/25 - 1.0.7 : Added large file support
    2008/03/04 - 1.0.6 : Fixed incorrect data blocks count in update.gcf files. The updates created with earlier versions still are still working with this 1.0.6 but not with the next one.
    2008/01/14 - 1.0.5 : Fixed ncf issues, and few other things...
    2007/11/19 - 1.0.4 : Fixed typos, crash when updating a gcf which newer version has a smaller size, incorrect ncf header file size, reduced updates file size and added notification when requested files are not available, added confirmation before updating files if less than 1GB free on the storage disk, hidding the help browser if the help is not found, added error notification if no account is configured and trying to download content, and a few other things...
    2007/11/06 - 1.0.3 : Fixed crash if trying to download write protected files. CF Toolbox is now closing if pressing cancel on startup GCF/NCF storage folder prompt or if running out of free disk space (less than 100Mb). Fixed Media player plugin issue for ouput paths with spaces. Added system date/time check on authentication error. changed CF Toolbox host to CFToolbox/
    2007/10/22 - 1.0.2 : Fixed not closing empty files during ncf validation, ncf files update, Steam config server port issue.
    2007/10/11 - 1.0.1 : Task completion is displayed on the GCF/NCF files tab
    2007/10/10 - 1.0.0 : Official release.
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  2. basher345

    basher345 FS Member

    CF Toolbox v1.0.6 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

    Links Are Broken I keep Getting a 404 error:mad::mad::mad:... can you E-Mail it to me? [email protected] :D
  3. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    CF Toolbox v1.0.6 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

    Attachment added, please view the bottom of the first thread.
  4. ur'StonD

    ur'StonD New Member

    CF Toolbox v1.0.6 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

    thx a lot :D
  5. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    CF Toolbox v1.0.7 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

    Updated to version 1.0.7
    2008/08/25 - 1.0.7 : Added large file support
  6. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    CF Toolbox v1.0.9 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

    Updated to version 1.0.9 [ Sorry for the delay ]
    2008/09/14 - 1.0.9 : Fixed files resizing issue with updates
    2008/09/09 - 1.0.8 : Fixed some large file support added new ncf descriptor support
  7. TNTX32

    TNTX32 New Member

    CF Toolbox v1.0.9 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

    Thanks dude it's really helpful!!!
  8. qwewaa

    qwewaa New Member

    CF Toolbox v1.0.9 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

  9. twannie11

    twannie11 New Member

    CF Toolbox v1.0.9 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

    i Got this problem to what can i do i have selected steamapps on my cracked steam :S help plss
  10. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    CF Toolbox v1.0.9 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

    Try to explain your problem better please.
  11. trintin7

    trintin7 New Member

    CF Toolbox v1.0.9 - Must Have! [steamCooker]

    Easy just close STEAM when you run CF Toolbox
  12. KTMDave7

    KTMDave7 Banned

  13. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    Updated to v1.0.10 (Late update)
  14. dante_killya

    dante_killya New Member

    It works well. I used it before and now I updated. I noticed the servers become more stubborn everyday... Took some time before I figured out why it was giving out "Download Error" when updating GCF/NCF's.

    ***For anyone who is having trouble, like me, with updating the GCF's/NCF's because of a "Download error" read this!***

    You should first try to Validate the GCF's/NCF's by Right-Click >> Validate.
    If the Validation failed, proceed to Right-Click >> Correct.
    If the Validation didn't fail you may still try to Correct although I doubt you'll have what to correct.
    After Correcting proceed to Right-Click >> Download >> Resume.
    If you get an error when Correcting, then there are two options:
    1-Try again.
    2-Give up.
    I should mention that I never got such an error, but anything's possible.

    I hope this will help at least one person that has the same problem like me.

    Edit: This does NOT solve all problems! I just noticed I still get trouble on some outdated GCF's/NCF's. I haven't figured out a solution for that yet so... Guess you'll have to use the patching solution. I will try to find out a way but until then...
  15. GMLP

    GMLP New Member

    I also got trouble with some GCFs too, and painfully they're also the largest files. I even got some of them at more than 90% completion after validating and correcting, and still download error. Patching solution is gonna take like more than 2GB to download everything all over again.
  16. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    There is an app currently under development that is about 5x better and faster than this program. So your problems will be no more :)
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  17. GMLP

    GMLP New Member

    Thanks for your info. What is it called? Oh by the way, I managed to get my games become Steam versions now. Credits to FreeSteam^^!
  18. Ndred96

    Ndred96 New Member

    it sais i dont own the game because i dont so it wont let me download the ncfs. is there any way to change this??? PLEASE HELP!
  19. PsychoGamer

    PsychoGamer FreeSteam Member

    yes that problem is caused because you dont own that game, this program will let you just see what files are outdated, if you need a GCf/NCf+ common use the search tool
  20. ckhurana

    ckhurana New Member

    So when can I test this out? I am still waiting to start the Orange Box.. I have tried everything.. Well Almost...!

    Let me know the "end of my wait" date please !;)
  21. mokey19

    mokey19 New Member

    Uhh source sdk dont work i tried to Validate and Correct it and Resume the download and it is still 'Download Error'
  22. gvazdas

    gvazdas FS Member

  23. tulikettu341

    tulikettu341 New Member

    I love this tool. It is so easy to learn and use and very helpful and quite fast
    Thanks Dude
  24. lostcity911

    lostcity911 FS Member

    um i got a Q im new to this & dont kno how to use this program. so does it download GCF/NCF's or just update the GCF/NCF's ?
  25. tulikettu341

    tulikettu341 New Member

    When Im trying to download some files it keeps saying that "file not owned or not available" can someone tell me what is the problem and is there any fix for that

    Thanks Already
  26. lbckf

    lbckf FS Member

    INFO - episode two materials.gcf : Downloading GCF/NCF : Episode Two Materials (id : 422 version : 3)
    DEBUG - episode two materials.gcf : Retrieving Content servers for GCF/NCF : Episode Two Materials (id : 422 version : 3)
    DEBUG - episode two materials.gcf : Number of content server retrieved : 20
    DEBUG - episode two materials.gcf : Selecting content server number : 18
    DEBUG - episode two materials.gcf : Resuming GCF/NCF : c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\episode two materials.gcf (version : 2)
    DEBUG - episode two materials.gcf : Connecting to content server :
    DEBUG - episode two materials.gcf : Content server banner :
    DEBUG - episode two materials.gcf : Requesting latest version : 3
    ERROR - episode two materials.gcf : Not owning app or app not available
    ERROR - episode two materials.gcf : Download interrupted : Episode Two Materials (id : 422 version : 3)
  27. Hack!

    Hack! New Member

    4 Some Reason when i start it it says that Updating Content Description Record, and then Crash!..
    btw im with Vista(68x)

    EDIT:4get that fixed, just reinstalled it and it worked! Still thanks 4 that awesome tool!
  28. hoodswag

    hoodswag New Member

    the program crashes while updating CDR at start when i run it off a clean install, why is that?
  29. kgathings729

    kgathings729 New Member

    Okay, so it doesn't work me idk why but it doesn't, it will say things like it is all ready open, even though it isn't, and also nothing loads when I open it. Anyone else have this problem, or knows how to fix it?
  30. BuffaloChips

    BuffaloChips New Member

    The cftoolbox just opens and leaves an empty window. Any ideas?

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