Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes beta?

Discussion in 'Sports, Music, Movies, and more!' started by Dark-Star88, April 9, 2010.

  1. Dark-Star88

    Dark-Star88 FS Member

    CT:CE is one of many fanprojects shut down by the corporatist @$$hats that made the original Chrono Trigger. Apparently they'd managed to complete 98% of their project.

    As a big fan of CT, I've been looking all over the 'net to see if anyone had a copy of the 98% beta...surely SOMEONE had the guts to flip the bird to the C&D order and leak the thing. But all I can find are a few (now dead) megaupload links for a lousy alpha version.

    Has anyone run across the actual beta? I would be forever grateful.
  2. yunike

    yunike New Member

    Can't find it either, have you tried Usenet? (I haven't got an acc, but if you do you might find it there)
  3. Dark-Star88

    Dark-Star88 FS Member

    'fraid I haven't got a Usenet account either.
  4. vashgs

    vashgs FS Member

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