cod4 lag o.o

Well its all the graphic's card. It sucks! I play with a 2,0ghz x2 and a 8800GT and can put all options on the high. Without lags! Better you change your graphic card :confused:.
No its not your processor. Its your Graphic card! It sucks! Its to slow! Why dont you spend 30€/50$ more toa 8800GT I can understand you!
Your processor is ok! Mine is much slower then yours and the game runs fine on the 8800GT ;)!
It can be your internet connection. Do a speed test, I'm not sure about the multi player requirements myself.

From your pc specs, cod 4 should not lag on your pc. Try playing the game when your internet is not capped.
OKay, turn off the dynamic lights, and shut off the depth of field. :]

It works on my father's AMD64 2.2GHz, 512 PC3200 DDR ram, and a Raedon X800 w/ 256MB ram...

Amazingly well, with everything on...
an 8500 is a budget card so wat do u expect i had a 8500 back a while ago i got good fps in css but not in cod4 but now i rape in cod4 with my 9800 gx2 u should upgrade tbh
Actually it is pretty shit in these days lol. The geforce 10(280) is out now so it's near ancient.